Geological Collection – Fossils

Fossils: number around 70,000 individual specimens made up of 7,500 transferred from Cleveland County Museums Service; 2,500 from Darlington Tubwell Row Museum and 60,000 Dorman Museum specimens.

Notable collections include those of the Rev. John Hawell, Dr. W.Y. Veitch, George Barrow, Sir I. L. Bell and Howard. The collections are strong in UK and regional Carboniferous, Permian and Jurassic specimens.

A large number of European Jurassic specimens also southern England ‘Tertiary’ specimens. Of particular note are Middle Jurassic plants from Marske Quarry, Devonian fish from Scotland, molluscs from local Cleveland Ironstone Formation, Permian fish and plants from County Durham.

Geological Collection – Rocks & Minerals

Minerals: around 5,000 specimens with similar transfer history as fossil collections. Notable collections include R.W. Barstow; L. Greenbank, James Ianson and possibly the Pease family of Darlington (still to be researched). The collections are especially strong in Northern England specimens notably fluorites.

Rocks: a small collection of around 1,000 mostly UK specimens.

Other material includes old plaster models showing structural features.

The library has a large collection of geological monographs and other books including those of the Rev. John Hawell.

Platysomus Permian fish