Egyptians Activity Workshop KS2

Thank you for choosing to take part in our digital Egyptians workshop.

This is a facilitated session for Key Stage 2 pupils from Dorman Museum and has been designed to be used by you in school and at home.

Please ensure that before the session you have read our Teachers Guidance Notes, as there are some things you will need to prepare in advance of the session.

We would appreciate your feedback on the use of this resource.  Your feedback will help with the development of future workshops and online resources.
There is a link to download the feedback form in the PDF Resources section on this page. Please email your response to each question to  please include the name of your school and how many pupils were involved.


Before you start please download and familiarise yourself with the teachers guidance notes.

Activities 2 to 5 require you to print worksheets.  To make it easier there is a separate worksheet download.

All of the videos have subtitles, these can be distracting to some pupils and we would suggest you turn them off.
A full transcript of all the videos is available to download if required.

Workshop Videos

Please watch the ‘Egyptians’ video first.
You can choose to watch the whole video at the start of the session or in three sections.
Section 2 starts at 5:18 and section 3 at 13:42.
There are separate videos for each craft activity. You can be used to to explain each activity or if you would prefer you can explain the craft yourself.

(To watch the video in full screen mode, please click the icon on the bottom right of the video).

Egypt activity pack cover image


Activity 1: Make a Shabti

Activity 6: Make a cat mummy

Activity 7: Make a bracelet

Activity 8: Make an Egyptian collar

Activity 9: Bonus activity: Mummify yourself